From Cape to Bluff

At 6:30pm on Thursday, April 12th we found ourselves here……P1010729

To the hour, we had started this journey 4 months ago exactly. We stood there trying to take it in, but it’s always difficult. You want there to be some magic moment, and big emotions with the symbolism of this place. Yet, it tends to just feel like a place. In this case, we didn’t get to gaze out in to the ocean and fathom our achievement much at all, as it was soon overtaken by two RVs full or tourists. All taking their photos with the sign. We stepped aside and laughed about it. I guess this spot is famous for being the start of hwy 1. It’s interesting how the same things can have such different significance to many of us.

We had been with our friend, Brian, from Atlanta. It was fun to walk with him all day, as it was a tough one. The weather was a raging. Windy with spits of sideways rain, and that made things extra interesting as 20+ km of that were right next to a busy highway with little to no shoulder. Thank goodness we had each other. We had a few others too, and comradery went a long way. P1010710

We had a bit of a photo shoot with Brian, popped open a bottle of champagne, and then hurriedly drank it to get our shivering bums inside. Other than signing a guest book at the local oyster house, we all just dispersed. Going separate directions for good now, after walking the same journey for months. Craig and I stayed in town at the local lodge, which felt comfy in the rain and had Chinese Takeaway for our victory dinner.

Craig the thru-hiker in our hostel beds that felt a lot like an orphanage.

So now what do we do? Hike more, actually. The real end of this journey for us will be at Mason Bay on Stewart Island. Which means we still have some walking to do:)

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