For the last 6 days, I’ve been kind of a shit-head. Emotional and irritable at the things I know I can’t change. Things like this……

Our first “view” of the Bluff


This was merely unpleasant for the smells, the animals are quite nice.



Sad Feet

Still, I laugh at myself. Knowing, all too well, that it doesn’t matter nearly as much as it seems to in the moment. The sun will dry my pack before long, my feet will get me to safety, it won’t storm forever, the path will end.  I know it’s time to get out of the woods. It’s the time of year for human beings do more of their living in from the out now. I appreciate the changes. Even now, when I’m stuck in them. Seasons have always been good for me. They teach me what to savor and what to avoid.

You can tell the ocean is getting nearer as the tree species change

The walk from Te Anau has been the perfect recipe for an ideal sampling of the Te Araroa. We’ve had tall grasses (Tussock) that you can’t see your path through, pole to pole navigation on mountain tops made difficult with clouds all around, swallow-your-leg mud, a few rounds of a game I like to call “keep moving or die,” wind (naturally), rain, sleet, trenches to jump across, cow pies to try to avoid, giant trees to climb over, rivers to walk through, the whole gamut, really.

Making it more difficult on ourselves, we committed to doing it extra fast. We wanted to make it to the bar on Colac Bay last night, which meant a couple of 45k days in those conditions. It was worth it too, reading my book under a blanket last night with a cup of hot tea beside me, I think to myself, ‘I’ve been dreaming of this.’ It’s true. My dreams are simpler these days. I dream of naps in the sunshine on summer afternoons, fresh picked vegetables, my family, a warm cup of coffee in my hands, a walk through the trees for fun and not because I said I would, my guitar….. I think all this adds up to explain that I’m ready for this quest to be over. Not because I grew to dislike it for what it is, but because it’s changing. That’s life, and that’s yes. I am ready.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I love to read what you have to say! Keep on sharing your experiences with us. I am so excited that you are nearly done and ready to enjoy NZ in a different format. Can’t wait to visit!


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