It’s Spring Equinox. Full Moon. Today I’m thinking mostly about the moon, while it’s on everyone’s lips and cheeks that we embrace the sun. How interesting that yesterday was the last day of darkness and I ran so joyfully with the sun. Today is the first day of light and I’m with the moon.

I have a different sort of appreciation for the full moon today, for I have recently discovered the power of the new moon. The voice of what’s missing has become louder than when it’s lit up center stage. An empty chair at the table. Romantic silence. Moonlight returns.

In your absence, we notice the stars more.

Aotearoa, you are in my heart tonight. I’m thinking about peace and the tide. On the night of the news I lit candles with good friends and grieved for your people. For the flightless birds that evolved without a need to defend. For the hearts so beautifully open. On that night, it felt like a dream died.

Then I remembered the courage my home has seen. The light in the darkness. The strength I never dreamed possible shown time and time again. I believe we’ll hold on together. I believe in us.reinga tree


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