A Bouquet for Aunt Lu

My aunt Lu is one of the most extraordinary people I know. Courageous, kind, big-hearted, and full of a contagious lust for life. She’s been there for me every step of my every journey and I’m always walking with her.

I got to spend a couple months near her right before moving to New Zealand, and learned what an incredible gardener she is. So as a tribute and a thank you to my amazing aunt, I thought I would put together a beautiful bouquet of New Zealand flowers I’ve seen. To show that I’m thinking of her all the time, and grateful she is still here to share flowers with.


This is the New Zealand Christmas Tree, it’s large and bright and wonderful.


These we are told, are weeds. Pretty nice looking, but hard to keep back.

Some Beautiful Hydrangeas


This one, nick-named “Bird of Paradise” makes me laugh

Here are some random other flowers we found along the way. It’s been so beautiful.


For funsies, here are some of our critter friends.



This is Sheryl, the Sparrow. Two women who are thru-hiking found her nearly dead and have nursed her and kept her along for the journey. It was so inspiring to see her trust and communication with her two human mommies.

Things are going great! Thanks for the encouragement from everyone. And big thanks, Aunt Lu, for the love that helps me soar. I love you!

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