Calling Yesterday

Our journey to New Zealand didn’t ask much of us. We got to layover in Hawaii for a day, which was lovely and broke up the flight perfectly. It was astounding to both Craig and I how light-hearted we felt once we were airborne. Our last couple of weeks in the states felt heavy. Some tough good-byes and a lot of worries about the things we might have forgotten, and the things we will miss.

The gravity of leaving my county for a year always seemed to pull downward. I think it’s just for the love of our friends and family. It’s not easy to go so far away from them. A couple of the great women in my life will be having babies while I’m gone, a couple of great women in my life will be getting married, and a person I can’t imagine living without will be going on the greatest journey any of us will ever know. None of this comes without depth.

That’s why I was surprised to find that coming to a place like this, does feel easy. Seeing it’s beauty, knowing it’s a place full of great travel networks and smiling faces, of organic farms and sauvignon blanc, of peace. That’s it! My heart new it right away, peace. Peace in the bright blue waters rolling across the sand, peace in the fern-covered forest, peace in the eyes of a man selling me coffee. May we always feel small. May we always feel lucky. May we always feel connected.

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We’re getting settled in Auckland this weekend. We got a phone, got some of the missing pieces of gear and supplies for the journey, got some good meals and beer and even took a swing dance lesson in the park. For my frist phone call from New Zealand as well as my last phone call from my US phone, I called my aunt Lu. As I was doing so, I realized she was still living out Friday, while I was living Saturday. It seemed appropriate for me. To think that I have flown to tomorrow. That what tomorrow holds for us is sunshine and adventure and a place where we can trust each other.

I walk with my family. I walk with my dearest friends. I send my love on the wings of the wind and I speak to you through the trees. I hope there is peace in your hearts too, and I know no way to be closer to you than here on the ground.

Peace be the Journey.

Long May we Walk.

For the Love, ALWAYS.

2 thoughts on “Calling Yesterday

  1. Tonni and I (Cleveland) read this Blog and it was breath taking! We will continue to share your blog with everyone else at the Marriott Hotel. P.S. Have tons of Fun.


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